Breathe Safely in the Light

Safe, effective air cleaning anywhere people gather inside.


MERI AIR Eliminates

Viruses, Allergens + Pollen, Dust, Exhaust, Fungus + Mold, Microbes, Mites, Smells + Smoke, and more.

The Power of Nature + Science in Your Space

MERI AIR features proprietary European nanoscience using Titanium Dioxide for the process of photocatalysis.


Just like nature, but better!

MERI AIR Everywhere

MERI AIR units can safely operate continuously indoors in the presence of people, without the need for hours of ventilation.


The Specs

CONVENIENT: Doesn't take up much space. Dimensions (length x height x depth) - 22'' X 14" X 9" (559 x 356 x 229 mm)

COMPACT & POWERFUL: Compact, purifies large space. Fan output - approx. 3531.47 cubic feet (ft3) per hr (100 m³ / h)

PORTABLE: One person can wheel it in or carry it in and set it up easily28LBS (12.7 kg)

QUIET Noise at 100% power (can be continuously regulated 0-100%) - 34.5 dB (normal conversation approx. 60 dB)

Perfect for Work Spaces

MERI AIR is perfect for all sizes and types of working spaces; corporate offices, educational facilities, entertainment venues, live/work spaces, restaurants, retail stores, sports facilities and more without the need for special ventilation.

Eliminate All Airborne Pathogens

Filter based systems only capture impurities and require accessory replacement. MERI AIR eliminates impurities at the molecular level and vaporizes all the waste. There is nothing to clean, the waste is water!

Safer Than UV-C

UV-C based cleaning, while effective is hazardous to humans. UV-A is the safe, photocatalysis based cleaning process. Use MERI AIR everyday in your working spaces to effectively reduce the transmission of disease and toxins.

Better Than Filter Based Systems

Plug it in and forget it! MERI AIR has zero operating costs, requires no replacement accessories and never needs to be cleaned.


No Mess, Ever

MERI AIR maintains a clean surface inside the case. Impurities are oxidized at the molecular level. Nothing is consumed during the photocatalysis reaction, giving the MERI AIR air purifier an infinite lifespan.

Compact, Durable and Mobile

Take MERI AIR anywhere. The suitcase sized unit is completely self-contained, it uses a quiet, integrated cleaning process and requires only an electrical outlet for use. The rugged case makes it easy to transport and use in any public space.

Innovative European Technology

The MERI AIR system uses cutting edge nanoscience and a proprietary titanium coating from the Czech Republic, a noted center of nanoscience learning and innovation.

"There are a number of devices and equipment on the market that look attractive in terms of price, but are practically inefficient. MERI AIR on the other hand, includes all the negative particles in the air, including viruses... It can work 24 hours a day in a very quiet mode, and at the same time with high efficiency.

MERI AIR purifiers are predestined for use in outpatient clinics as well as in hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms... From my point of view, this is one of the best simple preventive measures that anyone can take, not just athletes and medical facilities."

–– Dr. Vladimir Dobes, Surgeon and Team Physician of the Czech Biathlon Team